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Is This Ancient Fylfot Amulet - the World's Oldest and Most Powerful Good Luck Charm?

Don't miss this chance to possess your very own Genuine Limited Edition Prehistoric Amulet. Hand Carved In Stone by Marabas himself. Keep in your pocket for Luck, Well-Being, Protection, Wealth , Success and Health. If you are a working magician or witch use it to power-up your Altar like the ancients did.

On an outcrop of  rock which archaeologists believe had since time immemorial been of sacred significance to Stone Age Shamans, a strange symbol was discovered - The Fylfot Stone.  At this special place, on the wild Yorkshire Moors , were also found prime examples of  Mesolithic Cup and Ring marks but the single Fylfot occurred nowhere else in Britain and it's origins are shrouded in mystery; .   The Fylfot Stone appears to be one of the most ancient magical symbols in the history of the world. It has been dated circa 2,500 - 3,000 BC.   Yes, in the Mesolithic Stone age Shamans climbed to these high levels and monumentally carved this amazing Fylfot symbol so other seekers like us could see it and Know it 5,000 years later! It is their 'secret' message to all true seekers after Truth . The 'Gospel' by Stone Age Man. Marabas believes The Fylfot Stone embodies their magic and spiritual quest. He says it is a direct link to the source of sacred elemental power. After nearly 5,000 years subjected to the wind and fury atop the Moors the original symbol is disappearing fast , now just a faint reminder of what it once was. Soon it may be lost forever. Because of this Marabas has decided to make a limited number of Fylfot replicas to keep the symbol alive amongst a selected few. True to his oath he is providing these Fylfot Stones to clients along with a unique magical  history of this strange symbol and how it is activated to bring Good Luck and Wealth. Limited is used in this context to mean hand-made in small numbers and not mass-produced

This bleak moor is dotted with the remains of ancient stone circles.  An atmospheric place where the elements meet, often in cataclysmic fashion. If you stand at the buttress on which the Fylfot was engraved you can look across and see the very moor where Emily Bronte conceived Wuthering Heights, it is no wonder that , suffused with this brooding power , the Bronte Sisters penned some of the most powerfully dramatic stories ever told, which have since thrilled and moved readers in every country of the world.   Just another testament, we believe, to the awesome power invested in this unique Fylfot Symbol. Strange happenings surround the area, with lots of  UFO sightings  and even Big Cat incidents in recent years,  but what did this strange primordial Fylfot  mean to the Mesolithic people who inhabited this area?  

The Fylfot is an astoundingly sophisticated sigil, incorporating compound symbols within an indivisible whole. It is generally held to be a  Sun-Wheel; mankind's first symbolic representation of the Sun, coupling the elements and spirit, in a clockwise Cosmic Dance. Marabas is convinced that the Fylfot is a glyph which shows the flow of cosmic energy and the wheel of reincarnation. He is convinced that the Yin-Yang 'double-teardrop' symbol which underpins Taoist philosophy grew directly from it and he explains how this came about in his astonishing instructions which come with the Fylfot Stone. The fylfot is a magical seal which he believes captures and focuses the vitality and power of the Solar Orb protecting the wearer and bringing magical influence, wealth and spiritual sustenance into the sphere of the owner. Marabas teaches that the original intent surrounding the Fylfot was compromised by successive civilisations who caused the style of the Fylfot to become rationalised, it's original power being inadvertently 'designed out' , often, due to ignorance or superstition actually 'reversed' causing untold negative effects for the world.

The Fylfot is rare, but it has been reproduced in various ways over the millennia - unfortunately many of these reproductions are stylised and lose the almost mathematical precision of the original symbol. Marabas says that it was created in a very clever and precise way which reproductions have invariably corrupted but which he reinstates in his replicas.

But the strange history of the Fylfot Cross does not end there.   A second equally ancient Fylfot symbol was discovered across the world in Mycenae in Greece. How is it possible that this rare symbol was carved in Olicanum and Mycenae nearly 2,000 miles away at a time when mankind hadn't even invented the wheel? Then, randomly, over the years, archaeological digs at other places around the world began to unearth Bronze Age Weapons (circa 2,000 BC) which were also engraved with the same mysterious Fylfot symbol. This time used by warriors to protect them in battle.   Unlike the spirals, concentric 'owl-eyes' and cup-and-ring designs which decorate megaliths and dolmens throughout the Stone Age and into the Iron Age, the Fylfot was much, much rarer,  yet kept on popping up throughout ancient history in the most unexpected far flung places.   From China, through India, via Egypt to Etrusca, in the, very ancient Oriental, Arab and Celtic world the Fylfot was used sparingly by those who must have known the secret of it's power.   Used as a religious emblem in places as far apart as Ancient India  (in Jainism) and China , a form of it also appears on some ancient Buddhist Coins.   In Bharahat,  India , the remains of a very ancient Stupa (temple) were discovered with annexes which when looked at from above actually formed the shape of a Fylfot! In North America the Amerindian Adena People used the Fylfot symbol as long ago as 500 BC, suggesting that the teachings surrounding it were carried there before the land bridges that linked the present continental masses were inundated. Locked away in the Vatican Museum there is an Etruscan Fibula  (Robe Clasp) of solid Gold made in the shape of a Fylfot which is around three thousand years old. And in the early years of  Christianity mystical adherents also employed this powerful symbol in their sacred iconography.  

Marabas maintains that all these findings show that a magico-religious belief system based on primordial knowledge of The Ancient Wisdom could have spanned the world anything up to 500,000 years BC. The implications for our understanding of the way magic and religion developed are immense and so the possibility is overlooked by many authorities. The genuine, original Fylfot symbol could very well have underpinned the entirety of human history and be the most powerful magical symbol in the world!

To honour this, and to celebrate 30 years of his teachings, Marabas has decided to issue a small number of genuine Fylfot Stones; each one personally  hand carved by him exactly as per the original in solid rock from a sacred site, but in a palm size version which enables you to keep this most powerful amulet with you every day ostensibly to protect you and aid you in everything you attempt.   The power in the stone is invoked simply by running your fingers over the curvilinear Fylfot design. Marabas says simply trace it with your fingers whenever you require help,  assistance or protection from the gods, as he describes in the unique instructions that come with it. We believe this is the most original, most sacred, most genuine and most pertinent of all magical amulets.    Although originally meant as a device to power up Pagan Altars (therefore ideal for Wiccans) it can also be used by Hermetic Magicians as an 'Obeah Stone' to fit into niches in their altars too. Instructions on how to do this (penned by Marabas in his unique initiated way) come with each Fylfot Stone.   Your unique Fylfot Stone comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. It will, under normal circumstances, like the original, last many thousands of years.  As both a unique item of magical paraphernalia and a piece of Marabas's fine art work  your Fylfot stone should become a collector's item as time progresses. Sent to you in a Black Felt pouch with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed personally by Marabas.    You will probably want to hand it on as a magical heirloom but if you ever did want to part with it, the chances are it would then sell for far more than the price today; making it one of the best investments you could make.    Do not miss this chance to possess what could be the World's Most Ancient Wealth and Good Luck Charm.  A genuine link perhaps with the earliest magical current known on this planet.

Provided for research, worship and entertainment only. Not meant as a financial investment - returns cannot be guaranteed. Descriptions are lyricised to convey similitude and are not a guarantee of supernatural effects. Acheologists differ as to the symbolic meaning and importance of prehistoric rock carvings. The good luck effect of amulets have not been scientifically verified but see 'It's Official - Talismans DO work! ( )

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