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Is it wrong to work Magic?

All Sorcerer's Apprentice Spell-kits, Magical Oils and Concoctions are specially balanced for karma by Frater Marabas our founder.  His initiatehood and wisdom is your guarantee of safe spell-casting.  He was the FIRST adept to create the idea of beginner's spell-kits way back in 1975 and all the rest copied his ideas since.  Obviously HE knows what he is doing and his spell-kits are technically accurate.  Other spell kits are often simply nonsense in comparison. You can therefore use magical oils and spell kits etc from the S.A. straightaway without worry as they are completely trustworthy. However some of you coming to magic for the first time may have heard from harbingers of doom about the supposed repercussions of Karma and how it is somehow immoral to work magic against another person or to get an advantage yourself.  There's lots of this kind of immature nonsense on the web.  The forums are full of holier-than-thou pundits who will tell you that if you obtain an advantage using magic it may 'rebound upon you thrice'.   Such misguided self-righteousness is typical of much of the eclectic New Age approach. and so this little monograph has been penned by Frater Marabas to clear the superstitious nonsense away.  It makes powerful reading.

YES, Of course it's Allright To Use Magic to Get What You Want!

By Frater Marabas

There is probably more misleading rubbish spoken about Karma and the moral implications of working magic than any other aspect of the occult.  It stems from the fact that 90% of  today's self-appointed teachers/leaders are completely ignorant of the actual cosmic mechanics and revert to stupefyingly immature superstition about morality and magic, larding everything with an  overly large dose of  whiter-than-white moralistic clap-trap.  Like all true magical secrets once understood Karma is straightforward so let's get to it.  

 Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning simply 'action'.  It is a component part of  the cosmic philosophy of various forms of Ancient Hinduism and is also found in Jainism and Buddhism as these developed from the same roots.  

The original teachings on karma have in recent times been adopted into the New Age lexicon as a corrupted form of Buddha's teachings by people who have misinterpreted it via their monotheistic consciousnesses as some kind of cosmic force which inexorably and mechanistically punishes wrong-doers whenever they commit sinful or immoral acts. Aware readers will immediately see somewhat of the wrathful vengeful god of  the Old Testament  handing out divine retribution in these ideas and it is true that  this corruption of the true meaning of Karma has been promoted by many people who are consciously unaware of their early religious indoctrination.  

What Buddha actually taught was to destroy the ego, sublimate the Self and become immune to the stimuli of the physical world. Something the average Seeker, largely imprisoned within a selection of the various personality cults which pepper the New Age, would be incapable of accepting.  Far too many selectively use only those tenets which suit their purposes.   

Another component part of  Hinduism/Buddhism is a belief in reincarnation. Something which many New Agers who subscribe to the idea of 'the law of threefold return' actually do not believe in.  In short much of what passes for modern occultism is in fact a pick-and-mix of partial philosophies.  That only works in a peripheral sense. It is important to remember that most of those who use Buddha's teachings selectively to implore you not to use magic to benefit yourself at the expense of another are actually just giving you their own personal moral opinion, not a sacred stricture of some occult path.  

A belief in reincarnation is a fundamental precept of all Buddhist and Hindu teachings which hold that existence is a round of  repetitive   reincarnatory experiences which together are termed Samsara.   According to the Hindu holy books humans are embeded within Samsara as spokes within a wheel.  The cosmic wheel turns and we turn with it.  We can only progress on to higher states of being and escape the reincarnatory cycle when we have released ourselves through gaining Right Knowledge.   Right Knowledge  has little to do with the intellectual accumulation of facts but is more to do with finding one's place in the universe, gaining knowledge of the True or Soul Self which has been affected by numerous previous incarnations and rounding up the fullness of being so that we can become divine. There is therefore incumbent upon every one of us the charge of actually working through Samsara in order to refine and educate the Self.  In short rather than avoid it we MUST engage with Karma frequently in order to develop our Souls.

There is therefore a charge incumbent upon every one of us to actually use karma to work through Samsara in order to refine and educate the Self

Karma is in fact the cosmic-trail of the actions  of the Soul Self . Everything the Soul has experienced over this and other lifetimes. Despite assurances to the contrary by some inept New Age gurus you can never 'get clear' of Karma and it is foolishness to try because Karma is there to help, not hinder.  Since birth, long before you became a self-aware being your karma has been working itself out. By the time you became an adult you have created another cosmic-trail of karma and in fact where you are at this moment in time has been caused by the decisions you made (or failed to make) in that earlier period as well as in earlier lifetimes. Hence it makes perfect sense to take action (i.e. Karma) to control and direct one's own destiny into areas which would positively enhance your voyage through Samsara in this lifetime.

 Hinduism/Buddhism  holds that because each of us is a spoke on the eternal cosmic wheel everything which happens in life to one person is connected with every other thing in existence, however small or large.  Like drops of rain each droplet has its own identity, yet is part of a greater whole. Each droplet will find it's own level yet must eventually be absorbed back into the ocean of life.  In this view of existence one has to intelligently master one's skills and nature in order to gain control over one's destiny.  One cannot simply drop-out of life to avoid conflict or problems, because that simply creates another sub-current of Karma (i.e. another chain of events) which will affect us in different ways.   Obviously because Karma is an ever-present latency we cannot but create a sub-current of it whenever we take any form of action or thought.   However, and this is a point which many New Agers miss,  we will create a sub-current of Karma by default even if we do nothing, for like the tides which ebb and flow around a rock if we do not take advantage of an opportunity or set of conditions we will still be subjected to them and like the rock, will be worn down by the inexorable tides. If we continue to do nothing, we will, metaphorically speaking, be transformed into small grains of sand. So, if we fail to invest in an opportunity with our own will, the effect can be just as negative as when we make a decision to do something we know inherently to be wrong.       It is inherently wrong for any person to harm another....unless that other person intends to seriously harm you.  There are always two sides to every coin.  

 Karma therefore causes us to ACT and is the force of action.   Morally constipated New Agers would have you believe that you can 'cheat' karma simply by being 'good' (whatever that means!) but the idea that Karma is some kind of cosmic moral policeman is fatuous.  Throughout history the most pious people have caused  the most unnecessary deaths of innocents.  At the same time really evil people have clearly prospered.   What we are looking at here is not the simplistic idea which engulfs orthodox religions (of things being inherently good or bad), but the real world, where we ride a continuous flow of change which can have Good or Evil consequences depending upon the way we respond to it.    As I have said many times, 'the true meaning of any thing always resides in its opposite', and the true job of Karma is not to punish us but to create an arena of action within which we carve our destiny.

"The true job of Karma is not to punish us from doing evil but to create an arena of action within which we choose our own destiny."

A better metaphor to understand the workings of karma is to think of  yourself swimming across a fast flowing river with millions of other people. You have to wend your way to the other side amongst a sea of other souls each of them taking action to find a better space for themselves and choosing a prime part of the bank to get out.  Simply by looking after their own interests they WILL create a sub-current of karma which WILL affect YOU in some way.  It may or may not be personal. Often it is completely subconsciously done but it affects you all the same.  So it is with life generally.   If someone chooses to do you down and you sit and wait for tragedy to befall, then you are by default creating a sub-current of karma which will sweep you away.   If  you take action to save yourself you will survive but will have created another sub-current of karma of a different kind and will have to face the resultant changes which will occur.  Karma is beyond frail human concepts of morality.   Any changes could just as easily be positive as negative. Once you accept that you have to deal with Karma permanently on a daily basis all that matters is that you remain ' in the game' and being aware of it you will come to see a pattern, a method in it's seemingly chaotic workings out.  Then you will realise why magick is so important, because it provides the technology to remain 'in the game of life', to take the magical advantage.  Karmic principles work throughout the planes, physical and spiritual .

Magic is a methodology of choosing and focussing karma so that you can control your own destiny and the destinies of others around you.   By CHOOSING wisely which way to go the adept magician achieves enlightenment faster and the corolary of this is that what is good for him/her, if chosen wisely, will also be good for the planet and everyone else;- so everyone get's well.    Of course in the early stages people who resort to magic to heal themselves, protect themselves, create love for themselves, etc. are acting intuitively and so do not have such lofty spiritual ambitions.  What they are really doing is intuitively completing themselves;  rounding themselves out.   Those morally constipated thinkers who claim that one should never work magic for money or against another would call this Selfishness but in fact it is a proper part of the evolutionary current of Nature.    Those people who say that you shouldn't use magic to change anything because of the possible karmic consequences are usually the first ones in the queue for treatment if they are diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We ALL OF US take action to alter the future every day of our lives and if it makes sense to hedge one's bets against the physicalities of life then it certainly makes equal sense to do so magically and avoid such tragedies being part of our karmic dysfunction.

If you do not work magic to get the love of your life, then someone else's karma will get the person you fancy instead.     History is full of tales of woe and tragedy between lovers caused simply by missed opportunities. People who allowed karma to gravitate negatively and did not take up their birthright.  From Anthony and Cleopatra to Napoleon and Josephine and millions of other equally important but historically insignificant relationships in-between.  Magic is everyone's birthright.  Magic is a natural force. The morally constipated New Agers will tut tut about Black Magic and tell you that you must only use WHITE magic, and in this they truly reveal their lack of adepthood and indoctrination.   Many of them have simply not grown beyond the moralistic fairy tales inculcated into them when they were children.   Cultural methods of imprinting the new generation with the mores of the family/tribe have been elevated into an unquestioning belief.  These people actually do think there are good fairies and bad fairies; white and black magic.  

Adepts know that there is no such thing as Black Magic ; or White Magic. Magic is magic.  Those people who tell you that it is wrong to work magic for wealth are either impoverished fools or so rich it doesn't matter.   Those people who tell you that it is wrong to work magic for love will never know what a beautiful thing love is and how much suffering is caused by people being alone and friendless.  Some people may warn you not to use magic to gain retribution against an enemy  or protect yourself against bullying because of the 'karmic implications' of such a spell. Their solution is for you to just sit and suffer the victimisation and persecution instead!  I wonder which way they would choose if it happened to them?  

Obviously newcomers to magic do not have the technical expertise to set out their own spells or make their own magical concoctions but that's why sensible folk always patronise the Sorcerer's Apprentice.   All our magical spells  and  consumeables are created with karmic balance in mind and during the past thirty years we haven't heard of anyone not benefitting from using them.  You will never know the abject rubbish you will be sold and given from other self-styled occult suppliers but rubbishy equipment is one thing,  trusting your karma to a money-grubbing  person who may not even believe in magic let alone know how to apply it, is the real risk in magic.   The risk  is not that you will be punished for using magic but that you might be persuaded to buy counterfeit paraphernalia, miss your chance and get nowhere

It is not evil to be happy and prosperous.  It is not evil to manipulate a girl into marriage if you love her enough to be prepared to do anything  to ensure her happiness.   It is not evil to protect yourself against criminals or bullies whom society has failed to control.  It is not evil to supplement orthodox medical care with magical spells which enhance the treatment.  It is not evil to use magic to gain a level playing field.    However it IS evil to interfere with another person's freedom of thought and tell them bogey-men stories about being made to pay thrice-fold with dire consequences if they try to break out of their present impasse by using magic.   As far as I am concerned that type of  self-imposed ignorance is true Black Magic.

So, Karma is not about suffering retribution, it is about getting what you want.

There is no bar in you getting what you want out of life using magic but , if you have been following this monograph carefully you will realise that the crux of the matter is that YOU must get involved and do it yourself to involve your own karma. That is why Marabas always in the first instance tries to persuade clients to work the magic themselves and only ever works magic for others if there is a sensible reason why they can't do it themselves (i.e. learning difficulties, differently abled people, or some other crucial situation - see www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/work4you.htm for details) Even then he requires that the client does get magically involved by performing a simple psychic linking spell in their homes so that they can synchronise with Marabas on the astral when he begins working the spell for them. In short You have to involve your own karma to make magic work. Now look again at all those advertisements where some grand-sounding magus or witch proffers to work magic spells to solve everyone's problems.  That's right, it can't work can it?  That's why Marabas invented Sorcery Spell Kits. That's why you won't find a better or more successful and more economical method of applying magic to your life.   Trust Marabas.  It's easy as ABC.

You can do it.  At the S.A. we make it possible!


Leeds,  Halloween 2003     

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