Is This The Most Haunted House in the World?

Borley Rectory

The reputed 'Most Haunted House In England' was Borley Rectory, which was located in the small hamlet of Borley not far from Sudbury, Near Colchester, Essex. Built in the early 1800s on the site of a much older building this typical double-fronted 'victorian vicarage' was the scene of many independent sitings of ghosts and spirits by visitors and servants there over the years.

Its reputation grew and in the late 1920s the stories became headline news. The then resident Vicar, Reverend Eric Smith , and his wife, who had both put up with a chain of terrifying occurrences eventually abandoned the house following the discovery by Mrs Smith of the skull of a young woman wrapped in brown paper concealed in a cupboard. skull

Harry Price a renowned Ghost Hunter of the time was challenged to investigate the Rectory and spent so much time there that his name became synonymous with it. Price wrote several books on the astounding happenings at Borley Rectory and anyone who refuses to believe in the existence of discarnate spirits should read them cover to cover!

After the discovery of the skull Reverend Smith gave it a 'Christian burial' in the local cemetry. This may in fact have been quite the wrong thing to do. There was no incontrovertible evidence that the skull had belonged to a Christian but Smith obviously believed it to be the remains of the Ghostly Nun who walked the place.

There are many legends of skulls discovered bricked up in the walls of buildings which if removed create a fury of apparitions and ghostly happenings until they are put back. The Burton Agnes Skull, kept in a wall niche in Burton Agnes Hall even today, is a case in point. Burton Agnes is a small village between Great Driffield and Bridlington in East Yorkshire. There are many instances of later generations thinking the tales about the skull are simply superstition, discarding it, and finding to their cost it is not. Then the Burton Agnes skull is put back into its niche until the next time when its effects fade from memory and some materialist thinks they know best!

There is a nice postscript to this story in Dennis Wheatley's 'Devil And All His Works' where he writes of his own experiences in the occult. He states that after Price's death a national newspaper sent an experienced journalistic team to Borley Rectory to undermine the 'legends', particularly the one about the Ghostly Nun.

The team stayed several nights but nothing happened so they planned to write a piece ridiculing the Rectory's history. The photographer in the team took one or two shots of the outside of the building for the 'expose' but upon developing them the hairs stood up on the back of his neck as one picture plainly showed the figure of a nun standing in the gateway of the house! According to Wheatley, who knew the journalist personally, the editor of the national newspaper was shown the photograph but refused to print it because of the implications and the story was 'buried' ...along with the skull.

Borley Rectory was razed to the ground in the 1940s. It had become a shrine to ghost hunters across the world and presumably the owners wanted to stop it.


Borley Rectory with 'nun'


When Mel Gibson was producing his beautifully shot film about The Cottingley Fairies who did his team come to for an image of a genuine ouija to be used in a scene in the film? The S.A. that's who. In fact Cottingley Dell where Elsie claimed the fairies appeared to her and where Mel shot on location is but a stone's throw from us here in Leeds!

If you are Thinking of Experimenting with a Ouija Board have you also considered an Automatic Writing Planchette? Click here for more background.


Information and Products provided for research, worship and entertainment value only. All experiments undertaken at customer's own risk. In this context 'secret' means 'known only to a very few'. Descriptions are lyricised to convey similitude and are not a guarantee of supernatural effects. Not to be used by pregnant women, patients with heart disease, people with clinical depression or any mental illness without permission from their Doctor/health professional. Genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.

Invoke Spirits From Any Grave and Any Grimoire

The Only Ouija Board in the world with integral
Spirit Invocation Dial.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Ouija Board Most Ouijas are simply a collection of convenient letters on a board but the S.A. Weejee Board goes one step further - its Spirit Invocation Dial actually enables you to focus on and invoke spirits you want to make contact with. Far safer and surer, and perhaps especially useful to those who have not had any luck with Ouijas before!

You won't believe how straightforward it is to use - even for complete beginners

This is the GENUINE S.A. Original Design ouija

Tried and tested by psychics and mediums over three decades, now the S.A. Ouija is just £30.95 including p&p - Read on to see just how effective this unique Ouija could be for you...

    James Whale showing original Sorcerer's Apprentice Ouija Board on TV in 1988
  • Tried and tested by thousands of Seekers over three decades

  • Integral Spirit Invocatory Dial - provides method of selecting spirits in your locality, focus on named relatives or invoke ancient intelligences from any grave or any grimoire.

  • Weatherproof! Yes, you can use this ouija outdoors at sacred sites as well as indoors. You can even activate this ouija on a train or bus whilst travelling! (light yet robust, folds for easy transportation). When folded it fits inside your briefcase, laptop case or research file.

  • Smooth glossy 'Friction Free' laminated surface for maximum sensitivity with 'optical' planchette design which enables your eye to catch even the slightest of movement. You can't mistake a faint contact with this ouija !

  • View of Invocator Fold-out

    Large Size 420mm x 350mm  (16.5" x 12" approx). Unique lightweight design made especially to suit group or solo use. Place it flat on a table and up to six can work with it. Fold the Invocatory Dial out and you can use it alone resting it on your knees.

  • Includes a unique  handbook of instructions on how to work it by a genuine Adept along with Marabas's exclusive Invocatory Dial method of locating and identifying spirits in the area.  

  • Guaranteed for 3 years or we replace it with a new one without quibble!

Just wanted to let you know that I find your board amazing. It seems to me that with the addition of your exclusive Invocator Wheel, you have lifted the Ouija board into the realm of precise science!
All the best,
Eliot Camaren, Hell�s Kitchen, NYC

These genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.


There's only one S.A. Ouija , Tried and tested over three decades. Some of the first S.A. Weejees are still in use today giving powerful service to their owners!   The Sorcerer's Apprentice® Weejee has a unique design prepared with psychic safety in mind.

We've put over thirty years of initiated experience and knowledge of the esoteric into this portable lightweight Weejee Board to make sure you get success. Most people think all ouija boards are the same - but they're not and just owning a board with letters on isn't going to improve your chances of getting a spirit contact - you may as well write letters on card, cut them up and spread them in a circle!

However our Weejee Board with Invocatory Dial raises the bar in Ouija Experimentation and gives you the Medium's Edge. This is what spiritists and esotericists have been asking for. Gone are the heavy, cumbersome solid wooden boards which were so limiting in their construction and use. Our laminated board is, we believe, unmatched anywhere else in the world. Hand made right here on the premises by initiates in limited numbers to suit those serious enquirers who see Halloween type ouijas with their glow-in-the-dark skulls, flapping bats and Frankenstein illustrations as an insult to genuine spiritualism.


This ouija is actually TWO Ouijas in one! A full size traditional ouija containing our 30 year time-tested design combined with the unique Spirit Invocation Dial which no one else has. Marabas, our resident adept, saw that just supplying purchasers with a board with letters on was only half the job - what sincere seekers really needed was the 'secret' technique experienced occultists use to bring spirits close. Now they can use the traditional part of the board in the traditional way but if they require to make repetitive spirit contact or 'call' a particular spirit then they have the Invocator Dial and the step-by-step instructions to do so safely. Reading all this information and getting to know the best times to use a ouija gives you the best possible control. Without this knowledge an expensive wooden board could very well end up a discarded piece of object d'art.

The S.A. Weejee Board is the only one in the world with the Spirit Invocatory Dial because Marabas is the only adept with the lifetime's knowledge to create it. Simplified from very ancient and arcane thematurgic procedures the Spirit Invocatory Dial requires no practice or skill and takes Ouijas to another level. Measuring 420mm x 350mm approx this Ouija is plasticised for 'Friction Free' smoothness giving years of repetitive use. We expect you to 'hammer' your ouija with successful contacts. So confident are we that we guarantee our's for 3 years! If your Ouija breaks under fair use during that time send it back and we will replace it with a new one without quibble.


There has never been a more powerful Ouija than the Sorcerer's Apprentice Weejee with Spirit Invocation Dial(c) It comes complete with TWO planchettes (the thing you rest your fingers on and which moves to indicate letters, words and phrases). The main planchette has a special improved optical design which ensures you can detect even the slightest movement of the planchette when you make contact. We invented it and believe nobody else has it. PLUS you also get a fixed triangular indicator planchette on the Spirit Invocation Dial which method Marabas says gives a better chance of making contact for those who have never used a Ouija before - it's a world exclusive.

On top of all this you get Frater Marabas's Ouija Handbook which contains full trustworthy instructions on working this fantastic Ouija (Marabas is our resident Initiate. These instructions are available nowhere else and are worth their weight in gold). The complete Ouija Experience in one low-priced package.


Included in the design are symbols believed by occult tradition to make the board 'safer'. It also incorporates letters numbers; Yes-No; and other traditional or needed phrases to speed up communication.  The clear instructions in the Handbook show you how to get results and how to interpret them (even more valuable) whether it is being used by one person or by a group.   This board is ideal for solo experimentation or long term seance use.


Long term reliability of your Ouija is a very imporant aspect often overlooked by newcomers .   Consistency is a crucial factor in your experiments because mediums claim that discarnate contacts work more efficiently if the method of contact remains stable. Switching designs can cause confusion in the messages - the very thing you are trying to avoid - hence a board which will be around for years makes sense.


And when you really get into using your Ouija you'll want to experiment with it at sacred places, haunted spots, in caves, by gravesides or at archaeological digs perhaps. I am sure you can think of many other sites of psychic anomally near your own location and other circumstances where having a waterproof portable lightweight board which folds for convenient carrying is absolutely necessary. Why, for your first 'outing' you could even try the remains of Borley Rectory!


Marabas says that this might just be your chance to personally discover what lies Beyond The Veil Of Normality we all take for granted. We can have your Sorcerer's Apprentice Weejee Board with Spirit Invocation Dial despatched immediately from stock and it will be with you in several days so click the buy-now buttons below to order your very own Ouija. Then whilst you are waiting for delivery you may want to know the fantastic range of things that it can reportedly do so Marabas, our resident adept has assembled a free primer on Ouijas below.

This information has not been 'cribbed' from elsewhere but is absolutely unique and original, compiled from our own researches on the implications of the use of Ouijas over several decades. In contradistinction to the mass of gibberish published on the web about the so called 'dangers' of ouija boards this primer gives you the common-sense truth about the potentials of using ouijas garnered after three decades of personal and collective experience.


Just to be absolutely clear. This ouija is not made from wood.
This is a piece of genuine psychic equipment designed to make contact with spirits and astral intelligences.
It has been time proven by people who know what they are about and is absolutely excellent for its purpose but it is not meant as a Work of Art or a piece of Sculpture.
If you want to put a ouija board on your wall then go see a painter or a sculptor... if you want to make contact with spirits and genuinely learn about the occult then use this potent piece of psychic equipment because we think it is the best there is.

Remember, success in contacting discarnate energies is all about what the Ouija board DOES and how you set it up not the material it is made from.

Of course, we can make you a Ouija out of wood if you insist. It has absolutely no spiritual or magical value above the lighweight one we sell; in fact we think it will be a step down, but we do have artisans who can make you a pretty board in wood with the letters of the alphabet on it for approximately 150.00 including carriage (depending on type of wood chosen). Email us if you require one and allow six weeks for delivery.

Just a message to say that I got my weejee today (very quick)... I�m really pleased with my purchase. The ouija itself is brilliant, especially the dialler mechanism which is an ingenious idea. I�m also impressed with the instructions, having been interested in the occult for a long time now I can smell a rat very easily and so many items that are commercially available are dressed up in the most ridiculous 'cosmic foo foo'; it�s refreshing to have sober guidance from someone who knows what he�s talking about!
Mr J.F. Exeter.

These genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.

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  If you live within the U.K. please  click  this button to order your Ouija at £30.95 using ANY credit or debit card.  We will confirm despatch of your Ouija by email.

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If you live outside the U.K. please click this button to order your Ouija at £36.97  including Airmail delivery using ANY credit or debit card for airmail despatch. We will email you with confirmation of despatch of your Ouija .  

[Please Note: If you are ordering from outside the U.K. the total of your order will be converted from British pounds into your home currency (e.g. U.S. dollars, Canadian Dollars, Yen, Euro, etc.) during checkout.
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When You Decide to Send For A Genuine S.A. Ouija What Will You Get that You Won't Get With Any Of the others?


It's true.  The S.A. isn't just a business, we've been assisting customers in esoteric methods for over thirty years. We believe that nobody else in Europe or even the U.S. can make that claim.  Nobody has a greater knowledge or understanding of these things - we are practising psychics ourselves. We know that of which we speak because we use ouijas regularly and successfully.     The latest Google search turned up over ninety thousand links for 'Ouijas'. Some of these are likely to be fly-by-nights trying to cash-in on a craze. They'll probably sell down to a price for anyone who wants to pay;  including kids perhaps?  (all our psychic equipment is restricted to those over the age of 18).   If you need more information or get into problems  with some firm's Ouijas who ya gonna call - Ghost Busters? These areas are exceedingly specialist and you need to be assured that you are not on your own. You need to know that you can contact someone who has actual experience of the situation themselves and who is willing to help you personally.   Spiritual Safety is as high as you can get it when you buy the S.A.'s genuine ouija because we have always taken good personal care of our clients and all you need do is telephone, write or email Marabas for help. After sales advice and technical advice comes FREE when you buy from the S.A.   Now the difference becomes apparent.  We offer this unmatched personal service to ALL our clients and that's what makes it successful. When you buy your own personal S.A. Two-In-One Ouija and are comparing costs keep in mind that the Ouija package you get from the S.A. includes extras that can be beyond price.    

Marabas Asks, When Will YOU try The Ouija

Your Doorway to Otherworld Experiences?

Debated in parliament, sensationalized in the press and continually hounded by do-gooders who wish them banned. Ouijas form a stock part of modern folklore and apocryphal rumour, but how much of this stuff is real and how much of it is a 'frightener' to stop you discovering your own powers?    

  • Do Ouijas really conjure spirits on every occasion?
  • Do dead people really speak to the living 'at the throw of a switch' ?
  • Have demons materialised to prophecy the death of those present?
  • Read on and discover the truth.....

    The infamy of Ouijas has spread throughout Western culture since their popularisation in the last century but what the pundits don't mention is that the technique has been used for upwards of 2,000 years! Pythagoras' Mystery School reportedly held regular Weejee sessions as long ago as 540BC!

    Over the past 30 years we at The Sorcerer's Apprentice® have witnessed constant attempts by clergymen, evangelists and politicians to warn people off  Ouijas.  The Black propaganda has only served to enhance the attraction of Ouijas to free-thinkers because what goes up must come down. If only a fraction of the astounding warnings made about ouijas are true then this device must be a powerful key for anyone to enter and experience 'otherworlds'. A Psychic Doorway through which an investigator is MOST LIKELY to access supernatural realms, communicate with discarnate intelligences, discover supernatural knowledge and experience cosmic powers.

    The harbingers of doom may want to keep you in ignorance so they can control you. What do these folk know of Cosmic Powers anyway?  Most critics haven't even SEEN a Ouija let alone used one!  Unfortunately this scaremongering has been SO consistent over the past century that even many esotericists have fallen for the lies and subconsciously do the work of the harbingers of doom by censoring their own and others' choices in this area.  You can see all this hypocrisy everywhere on the net.   We have lost count of  the misguided 'mediums' who have suckered in to the disinformation and who warn newcomers off using Ouijas, whilst themselves continuing to use parallel but less effective and some would say riskier spirit contact techniques such as 'channeling'.   The latest attack on Ouijas comes from the Media itself, with the Broadcasting Standards Commission and the Independent Television Commission banning representations of the use of Ouijas on TV.  Outright religious censorship!


    Yes, Ouija (or Weejees) seem an astoundingly potent psychic device - but our experience says they're NOT evil. They are not illegal either but plenty of kill-joys will try to fool you into thinking so . The Sorcerer's Apprentice®. has sold THOUSANDS of it's Original Design Ouija over the past thirty years. In all this time we have not once received news of anything harmful happening to a purchaser. NOT ONE! On the contrary, we have received letters of thanks from delighted clients. One wrote

    "I have recently purchased a Sorcerer's Apprentice® Weejee and have been OVERJOYED with the effects it has had upon me and my friends working with it."

    Does this sound like abject terror to you? Of course not. We believe the Ouija is a psychic instrument which allows any intelligent and composed adult to tune in to the supernatural at will. A direct line to the spiritual world.


    Like all psychic equipment the Ouija is unpredictable, we can't even guarantee it will work at all, but it usually does. When it does things happen in a million-and-one different ways you may not have first thought of .

    • Like the four off-duty Boscombe policemen who were given the location of a robbery and even the exact registration number of the getaway vehicle during a Ouija session! What a collar that was!
    • Like the three Basingstoke ladies who were given the results of the Cup Final and League Championship. They bet £3.00 and netted £300.00 winnings!
    • Like the Tyne & Wear couple who were told by the Weejee that a relative whom they thought long-dead was alive and well in Dumfries - they traced him and united him with their family.

    Joy all round! No shock-horror Ouija Legends here folks. Just okay people taking advantage of an extraordinary phenomenon - and there's more, lot's more.

    • In America the Ouija has given rise to the therapy of Facilitated Communication and has produced amazing results with autistic children.
    • In 1994 a British Jury  resorted to the use of a Ouija to contact the victim of a murderer who gave confirmation of the defendant's guilt from beyond the grave!
    • In 1990 singer Sinead O'Connor reportedly used a Ouija to contact her mother who had been killed in a car crash; she said "I knew she was around, I could smell her...she was sitting there telling me to do things."
    • During the upsurge in interest in Spiritism in Victorian times there were many examples of the positive use of Weejees which were used by many influential people. Even her majesty Queen Victoria is supposed to have dabbled!(1)
    • The dead have many times used the to help vindicate  themselves. In 1993 it was reported that an alleged murderer hanged himself in prison after his victim came through during an impromptu Ouija session!
    • In 1991 newspapers reported that so much energy was produced during a ouijasitting that a boy was levitated, and ornaments flew through the air!
    • And if you think that's over-the-top what about the crack S.A.S. outfit sent to Germany to hunt down Nazi war criminals in 1945. When their regular investigations drew a blank they resorted to the Weejee and contacted the spirit of a British Airman whose crew had been murdered by the Gestapo after they bailed out. The dead airman gave the SAS cell the names of his crew, his plane, the area where the bodies had been secretly buried and even the name of the Gestapo officer who shot them!  The information was exact in  every respect and the sequence of events is enshrined in company records. It lead to the successful trial of the Gestapo Officer! 
      These are just a few of the many positive true case histories.

    It is absolutely unthinkable that our society should be deprived of advantages and phenomena of this sort, which can be used by intelligent people to enhance their lives, uncover hidden information, investigate all-consuming mysteries about the meaning of life and death.

    Will The Sorcerer's Apprentice® Weejee Board with Sprit Invocation Dial open the gates of esoteric knowledge for you?

    Marabas says that to obtain wisdom one must first pursue knowledge. Not second and third hand maybes but first hand experience of possibilities beyond the known. Historically, those who have excused their own lack of courage in living life have usually done so by trying to veil the opportunities of others with fear. At one time doctors said the human heart would burst if sprinters ran a sub-four minute mile. Now you can't be considered a real runner unless you can complete a mile in less than four minutes.

    Is The Weejee Safe? :

    Depends what you mean by 'safe'. If safety was an absolute consideration in life we would never risk crossing a busy road! It's more pertinent to ask if the Weejee is DANGEROUS. Thousands sold over thirty years with not one tragedy says it's not dangerous but the Weejee is for people who want to know the where and the when. If you are a free thinker, a Psychonaut who wishes to live and learn; if you are ready to grasp your Destiny with both hands; a person who wants to know the why and the when first hand; then we believe the risk is small and the prize is great. In years to come, when all the other Old Codgers are warning their grandsons about 'dabbling' with ouijas; you can tell your's how you did it and how it changed your life!  Remember - we all live and so we must all at some time die. This is the central question of everyone's life and the Ouija is by repute the most effective aid to investigate this paradox.  It is your right, nay some would say your duty, to discover things to your satisfaction.

    Is it Frightening?

    It is better than frightening, it's AWESOME. When we enter the unknown it is only human to be afeared. It isn't every day that one contacts and converses with discarnate spirits, links with praeterhuman intelligences; divines the future; causes poltergeistic effects; gains telepathy with those in the group; accesses the astral plane and experiences the other gifts the Weejee can bestow, but what the heck, being scared is part of the rush. Marabas says to be sure not to miss the scarey bits - its part of the process; everyone should try the Ouija at least once in their lifetime.

    How Does It Work? :

    It's a genuine mystery. Science doesn't like Mysteries or Wonders so you don't get to hear about them, but plenty exist. Like all natural wonders and mysteries of the world they defy understanding but they do exist. Esotericists term these wonders 'Natural Magic' .  It seems that the combination of ouija design coupled with the atmosphere and mental intent during a seance switches off the 'psychic censor' which normally subdues our own psychic abilities. Marabas puts it this way 'Just as we cannot obtain that which is beyond our reach unless we climb a ladder so the Ouija acts as a catalyst to enable us to see beyond this world into spiritual dimensions. The more you use a Ouija the easier and more effective it becomes to access magical realms.'

    You can use the Sorcerer's Apprentice® Weejee Board with Spirit Invocation Dial on your own, or with a group of friends.

We are constrained by atheists to state: Provided for research, worship and entertainment value only. All experiments undertaken at customer's own risk. In this context 'secret' means 'known only to a very few'. Descriptions are lyricised to convey similitude and are not a guarantee of supernatural effects. Not to be used by pregnant women, patients with heart disease, people with clinical depression or any mental illness without permission from their Doctor/health professional. Genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.

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If you live outside the U.K. please click this button to order your Ouija at £36.97  including Airmail delivery using ANY credit or debit card for airmail despatch. We will email you with confirmation of despatch of your Ouija .  
[Please Note: If you are ordering from outside the U.K. the total of your order will be converted from British pounds into your home currency (e.g. U.S. dollars, Canadian Dollars, Yen, Euro, etc.) during checkout.
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COPYRIGHT WARNING:  Text, trading names and products are strictly copyrighted. Extracts must not to be used in whole or part without written permission from the Sorcerer's Apprentice. We will litigate infringers without further warnings.)

DISCLAIMER:  Do not send for this Weejee if you are under 18 years of age unless you include signed and dated written permission from your parent or guardian, stating that you have been allowed to purchase a ouija from us.   Pregnant Women, anyone suffering from a nervous or chronic  illness and angina sufferers best not experiment with Ouija s without medical advice.   We  have for over 30 years provided a caring and trustworthy personal service. We treat our clients responsibly and do not ever leave them in the lurch. We always provide free after-sales advice and assistance therefore you are never left 'on your own' with any of our products; however customers should be cognisant that experimentation with Ouija s is undertaken entirely at their own risk.

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DISCLAIMER: Along with five billion other souls on this planet we believe in Transmogrification (magic), and Transubstantiation (life in spirit). About 85% of the world's population believe in the world of spirit. Only 7% of the world's population are atheists (scientific materialists) but these few people have a disproportionate influence over the way we live because the government relies heavily on these Scientific Soothsayers of the State to provide justification for their decisions. This disclaimer is to comply with the prejudiced demands of this lobby and should be seen as such. When we infer on these webpages that something is successful for a particular purpose we mean that traditionally it has been held by sages to be successful for that purpose or/and that historically it is reputed to work in a novel, legendary or peculiar way to succeed with that purpose, or/and that people alive today have tried and recommended the item as being successful or helping to a lesser or greater degree for that purpose and therefore it may be worth trying. In most instances we will have tested, experienced and confirmed the effects ourselves but we freely admit that these items may not work in every instance or may work in lesser ways than the examples quoted. We offer them out for historic and curiosity value only as untested objects of pleasance. All use and application of these items and information should be seen as experimental. Magical effects cannot be proven nor guaranteed. We have personally used and sold items like these for over three decades and our experience is positive - however in order to make an informed choice you should be aware that science disagrees about the existence of magical forces and effects and insists that other mundane actors will be working to cause the success experienced if any. Intending purchasers should carefully read our full Duty of Care Statement of Intent on
REASONABLE RISK: Advice; Personal Consultations; Recommendations for Applications: Marabas has an unparalleled grasp of esoteric methods worldwide but he is not a god - he cannot indemnify customers from risk. Only you know your exact circumstances, your medical history, state of health and the progression of the problem so far. Only you can judge whether it is in your interests to apply magic in your life. If you ask us how a magician might resolve a problem then Marabas will tell you but in our eyes magic is a force used to modify the course of destiny and can cause peripheral changes which are not anticipated therefore all magical operations are by qualification inherently experimental. Our products are genuine, contain proper materials and most importantly are designed with adept knowledge of magical method. You cannot get a better chance of successfully experimenting with magic but be under no illusion - it is an experiment undertaken entirely at your own risk. � The S.A. offers raw materials and literature �for curiosity's sake only. Marabas's historical knowledge is given if asked. Under present law Marabas cannot 'prescribe' magical actions or cures; we suggest only what an adept might do in your place. To recapitulate: � ��We are not selling you the magic 'cure', though it may very well turn out that way. We are providing the opportunity to experiment with genuine magical methods to open up new doors in your life. ��We can tell you how others have changed their lives and how you might choose to do it for yourself but you are responsible for your own experiments. � We cannot indemnify people from the repercussions of foolishness but we will sincerely do everything we can to ensure your genuine success and this will be the limit of our liability. Marabas's suggestions will always comply with U.K. law but if you are unsure whether a suggestion might breach local laws or regulations then you should consult your legal advisor before ordering. Clients must be cognizant that all Magic and ritual work is experimental and therefore undertaken by them at their own inception and at their own risk. We provide all reasonable warnings and protections for our clients but cannot be held responsible for applications of their own invention of which we are uninformed. We will readily offer our opinion on the advisability of proposed applications of our products without charge. We expect the typical customer to be reasonably fit and healthy. If you are significantly unwell, subject to allergies, are taking a course of treatment, are pregnant, a registered drug addict, have a history of chronic ailments or are undergoing psychiatric help then it is your responsibility to clear your intentions with your doctor and alert us before you embark upon a purchase. .