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The Indispensable Witches' and Magicians' Moonphase and
Spellcasting Almanac is for All Serious Seekers
who want to know when to cast powerful magic

Snap up your copy today and get 15 months for the price of 12 - we'll include the last months of 2017 FREE so you can start using it straight-away!

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Grab One Quick Because In Magic
Timing Is Everything

Now you'll never miss those Essential Magical Dates, Solar and Lunar festivals; Rites and Ceremonies. The S.A.'s invaluable Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack is the pre-eminent guide for magical timings and opportunities for 2018. It makes easy work of planning your rites and rituals. Even shows beginners how and when to cast their spells; as Marabas only can - and if you download this item right now you get the last months of 2017 FREE so you can start applying the yearplanner to your spells and observing the festivals straight away.


The Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack 2018 is exclusively obtainable from us. Now in its 36th edition. Tried and tested and still going strong! You can rely on it. Compiled and Written by Frater Marabas it is the key to making your magic work - he uses it himself! Why? Put simply - you cannot properly complete any magical operation or task without the arcane data it contains.

Something of an institution amongst occultists in the know this Secret Key to yearly magical observances and rituals is more than the sum of its parts. Try it once and we believe you'll never be without the S.A.'s 2018 OCCULT YEAR PLANNER because it is the magical key to your whole esoteric involvement in the year ahead. Beginners and old-hands tell us they find it indispensable! You can see why, look: This useful hang-up calendar / almanack contains:

  • SUNRISE & SUNSET TIMES for each day throughout the year
    You'll need these to work out the planetary hour at which to commence each of your magical spells and ceremonies whatever their purpose is.
  • TIMES OF THE MOON'S WANINGS & WAXINGS, (shows exact phases and movements and how you can choose the right time to make your spells, any spells, work double-time. Marabas explains how to ride the lunar forces and which ones to use for different types of magic positive or negative)
  • MOONRISE AND MOONSET TIMES for every day throughout the year.
    Absolutely Essential for planning proper Magical rites. You'll employ these together with the moon's phases to find out what hour to commence your rights or discover periods when success in any form of divination or trance experiments is sure-fire guaranteed. Marabas explains what to do and when to do it.
  • ALL THE PAGAN, WICCAN, CLASSICAL, QABBALISTIC, ROMAN, PERSIAN, HEBREW, GREEK FESTIVALS ARE SHOWN ON THE DAY/S THEY OCCUR - How and when to observe them. Also includes the rarest, lesser known, but crucial ceremonies usually observed only by true initiates which are used to empower your pagan connections and liberate magical force.
  • CELTIC TREE MONTHS commencements and durations so you can synchronise with nature and employ Natural Magic forces.
  • ANGLO SAXON MONTHS AND LUCKY AND UNLUCKY DAYS. These are the days when tradition says you should NOT work spells or magic.

Not Just a yearplanner, also a manual of occult methodsThe GENUINE PAGAN & MAGICAL FESTIVALS are clearly listed (rare ones are revealed too) along with CELEBRATIONS, OCCULT ANNIVERSARIES, FAMOUS OCCULTISTS BIRTHDAYS etc. There is also space for REMINDERS, APPOINTMENTS etc. BANK HOLIDAYS are given for Britian, England, Scotland, Wales and NI. Everything you might need for mundane and magical timings. Not only is this an exclusive Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack but it will become a diary of your psychic activity and achievements. A kind of self-perpetuating magical diary. The 2018 OCCULT YEAR PLANNER has been expanded in content yet retains the same At-A-Glance clarity. Additional features of inestimable use throughout the year are:

  • TABLE OF PLANETARY CORRESPONDENCES (so you can pick the right vibrational ray for your magic)
  • TABLES OF ZODIACAL CORRESPONDENCES (so you can choose associations to tune-in your target/s)
  • KAMEAS OF THE SEVEN PLANETS (so you can create sigils for talismans, amulets and your elemental tools )
  • PLANETARY EXALTATIONS AND RULERSHIPS TABLES So you know the best time to cast your spells.
  • PLANETARY HOURS CALCULATOR TABLES (so you can work out precisely the most auspicious time to start your ceremonies)

With the S.A.'s Witches and Magicians Spellcasting Almanack; The Occult Yearplanner, you will find it easy to plan your rites, construct incenses, select godforms, choose colours, gems, flowers, perfumes for your rites, apply the appropriate materials and ingredients for your magic AND pick the right symbolism and sigils for your talisman construction. Sounds amazing but it has worked this way for over 35 years! Contains all the info. you need to prepare for virtually any rite for virtually any purpose. Its a Grimoire in itself!

Also contains much other useful information; including instructions for beginners on how to calculate the exact planetary hours and times which are required in spellbooks/grimoires; along with Frater Marabas's notes on how to build specific rites for any purpose using all these tables! We even include an arcane history of Almanacs. The S.A.'s The Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack 2018 is an indispensable reference work for Magicians, Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Qabbalists, Shamans, Psychics, Mediums, Ghost-hunters, and all those who have a serious interest in the supernatural. A lot of essential data in a very accessible package. You will be surprised at how often you refer to it. If you only had one reference work which could dramatically improve your understanding of and application of magic The Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack 2018, would be it!

Expand Your Occult Contacts

Not only that but how nice would it be to be able to check the Yearplanner daily, when writing to those you correspond with and send them best wishes for their upcoming festivals and rites, or remark about the important remembrance days such as Crowley's birthday, The day when Dion Fortune was born, or the day influential spiritist Arthur Conan Doyle (of Sherlock Homes fame) died. With the S.A.'s Occult Yearplanner it's easy to spice up your correspondence with thought provoking facts or begin interesting threads on internet forums ( such as when Constantine 'the Great' dumped Paganism and decreed the destruction of their temples). There's ton's more of this stuff in the S.A. Occult Yearplanner, accessible at a glance.

Why the 2018 Occult Yearplanner is a MUST

The S.A. 2018 OCCULT YEAR PLANNER   is exclusive to The Sorcerer's Apprentice® and only obtainable from us - Marabas says you'll truly wonder how you ever managed without it. Don't believe the gainsayers who might tell you that you might be able to scavenge some of this information in separate parts on the net bcause you won't find all of it there in one place and rarely in a presentation which makes esoteric sense of all the data. Marabas has done all that for you as no one else can. Ceremonial can be complex. You need the knowledge all-together, at-once to work proper magic and be free to concentrate on the circumambulations. You certainly won't find Marabas's succinct yet powerful advice and instructions on how to stitch it all together anywhere else but if you really must spend days bewildering yourself on confusing forums, trusting to luck in order to piece together some of it yourself; (not realising that contributors to forums from America and Australasia who have completely different time-zones and seasons may turn your timings upside down without knowing it) and then scratch your head trying to apply it all, then that's up to you. The wise will trust in Marabas and get the job done in a trice. Together the S.A. Occult Yearplanner is greater than the sum of it's parts. You and the Yearplanner are, together, greater than without. Such a crucial item for your spiritual and magical development. Don't miss your S.A. Occult Yearplanner. Download it now and apply it immediately wherever you are. Read off your screen, or print it out ( print the entire Yearplanner or just the month you need as you choose)  Do it now "Because In Magic Timing Is Everything".

Occult Yearplanner (Cyberbook Edition)
Click on the cyberbook button below to pay with any credit or debit card and be reading and applying your Occult Year Planner within minutes for just £7.97. Remember,  S.A. products are unique and not obtainable anywhere else in the world. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. And when you order and download you also get the last months of 2017 absolutely free so you can begin to apply the The Witches' and Magicians' Spellcasting Almanack to your workings straight-away just as soon as you download it! You can consult the Yearplanner on your screen at any time search through by date or keyword or / and print out a month at a time or the whole lot as you choose.

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And there's no problem with viewing or reading Cyberbooks - if you can see this page then you can read any of our Cyberbooks, guaranteed! Even if the worst happens and your dog pulls the computer lead mid-download you can just reboot and use the link to download again as many times as is necessary. Why we guarantee a replacement even if you inadvertently erase the file (within six months of purchase) - You truly can't lose.

Genuine occultism has never been this straightforward and fast - it could only work with a known and genuine, trustworthy business like the S.A. Don't delay your esoteric development, Download your Occult Year-planner now and begin sketching in your activity - never miss an important date, timing or festival.

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They  Make Great Gifts too - Consider one for your Friends! Far more useful than any Moonpig Card.

Overseas Customers: If you are ordering from outside the U.K.  please note that all timings for Sun and Moon are based on GMT London so are good for all of the U.K, Most of  France, Spain, and West Africa. We will provide the time difference for those people who want to apply the tables outside of the U.K. The initiated and valuable information in the S.A. Occult Yearplanner (festival dates, feasts, birthdays, instructions on calculating planetary hours, planetary hours table, correspondences tables, magical squares, how to compile your own spells etc.,etc., )  and the reference data which are required to set up your own rituals applies worldwide is worth the price by itself.
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