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THE BANNED LECTURE is a unique discourse by Crowley ostensibly in defence of the notorious Giles De Rais, a mediaeval Magician who has been variously accused of killing between 100 and one thousand children in Satanic Rites.   Is that what Satanists do?  Of course not.

In reality the execution of Rais on 26 October 1440 by an Ecclesiastical Court was as much due to political intrigue and the beginnings of The Burning Times (witchcraft mania ) than to any firm evidence of the alleged atrocities.   The accusations have resurfaced in modern times and many otherwise sensible commentators have fallen for the lies about Rais including some historians who hold that the crimes actually did occur.   

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                    Banned LectureBut Crowley knew that Giles de Rais' case had been a classic example of the suppression of knowledge by a theocracy and was making ready to tell the Oxford University Poetry Society the truth on Feb 3rd 1930.

His lecture, printed verbatim here, was in reality an attack on the Establishment and an explanation of how the Orthodoxy had always suppressed free thinkers. So penetrating were these conclusions that Father Ronald Knox, the University's Catholic Chaplain, succeeded in banning the lecture at the last minute. This did not frustrate Crowley who immediately had the lecture printed and distributed as you see it in this ebook.

The relevance of Crowley's BANNED LECTURE to modern issues of religious freedom is astounding. His conclusions are of immense importance to all esotericists.  The strategy that the Establishment used to persecute and execute Giles de Rais on charges which are still unclear 500 years afterwards are the same ones which their modern counterparts employ to create mind-control mechanisms in the mass media today. The need for Knox to suppress Crowley's comments about Rais have their parallel with the fundamentalists wish to ban Crowley's writings today.

  Crowley's BANNED LECTURE has become his 'defence from the grave'. Seventy years after the event the spectre of Crowley's BANNED LECTURE reappears again to smite the lies and contradict the conclusions which snipe nosed bigots thought they were safe in asserting.

When you read THE BANNED LECTURE and see what 'The Wickedest Man in the World' really thought about Black Magic and Satanism you will see that Crowley has managed to confounded his critics 'from the grave'  This rare treatise is now available for instant download. See Below;

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                            version of The Banned Lecture

New improved digital version of


This completely revised edition of The Banned Lecture is edited by Frater Marabas and incorporates

  • A new explanatory introduction by Marabas
  • The full text of Crowley's Banned Lecture,
  • An extensive and informative Biography of Gilles De Rais free from the Xist poison which has infected the historical view of Rais's life,
  • Plus an examination by Marabas of the true origins of the Myth of the mass-murderer 'Bluebeard', and finally
  • Crucial extracts concerning Gilles de Rais from Huysmans seminal 'La Bas', a rare classic of Satanic literature. 
Available nowhere else this latest S.A. ebook edition of The Banned Lecture is a vast improvement.   With this you can make sense of what happened to 'the father of modern Satanism' and how it is repeating now, today, as puritanism tries to regain a foothold in our society.

The S.A. Banned Lecture digital version, with its much expanded relevant content which you can download instantly right now and be reading in minutes.   The digital version has the same content as the printed version plus it also has these indispensable extras:
  • A new Introduction by Marabas
  • The full text of Crowley's Banned Lecture,
  • Biography of Gilles De Rais
  • Marabas's take on the true origins of the Myth of the mass-murderer 'Bluebeard'
  • Crucial extracts from  'La Bas', a classic of Satanic literature. 
which altogether gives the never before presented true secret history of Gilles de Rais, the 'father of satanism' and even his link with Joan of Arc, burned as a witch in 1431.

Simply double-click on the file we send you and it will open up on your screen for you to view as many times as you wish. The file is yours to keep and use whenever you want.  You can Print it out in full or simply print sections as you wish.  Note that unlike some digital publications being offered on the net, once you have paid for an S.A. digital book it remains yours forever and is not timed out.   Now when someone mentions 'Bluebeard',  you can put them right. Enjoy!

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                                      digital S.a. version of The Banned



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