Daily Express
October 31st 1984:

Devil of a
Good Spell
for Business

The 'eye of newt' business has never had it so good. The sale of goods for esoteric purposes is booming. There are do-it-yourself spell kits for anything from finding a job to making someone fall in love with you.

The biggest mail-order firm is the Leeds-based Sorcerer's Apprentice, owned by Frater Marabas. They have 20,000 customers and claim that among them are doctors, judges - and even foreign royalty.

New Society Magazine
18th October 1984

The Great British Witch Boom

by Maryon Tysoe

...... Frater Marabas has 20,000 clients and thinks interest is burgeoning. His 'spellkits' are pretty big sellers. All the ritual paraphernalia you need for Health and Healing, to Right an Injustice, for Success in Exams or Tests, for Achieving Promotion/Getting a Job . The Astral Gold Wealth Drawing Spell 'has been tried by hundreds of people both here and abroad'. Most popular of all is the Spellkit for Love's Desire.

The spellkit includes; 'wax dolls, cords, incense, oils, washes, thurible candles, purification bath, anointing oil, tapers, pen, nibs, magical ink, parchment, full diagramamatic details and script of the ritual'. The rite involves binding together two dolls of the people concerned. As long as the cords stay tied, the people are intextricably drawn together'.......

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Sorcery SpellKits


Do You Already Have Your Altar Equipment?

Then by all means purchase  and download the instructions and script of your chosen Sorcery Spellkit separately at £8.97 each.

Note that when you buy the complete spellkit you get the instructions for FREE.

But please be aware that the cost of buying the instructions, the consumables and any required equipment separately may easily exceed the price of our Complete Spellkits which really are at genuine special package deal prices.

The intent behind Sorcery Spell kits is to make things EASY for beginners so we advise that you buy the instructions separately only if you are already a working occultist, have already purchased altar equipment and know what you are about  or have some other good reason such as living overseas or/and wanting to check out a real spell against one you have or are being sold or offered by some other supplier you do not trust.

Remember. If you purchase and download your chosen Cyberbook Spellkit Instructions today to check out whether what we are saying is honest and true, you have seven days to reorder a complete spellkit and obtain an 8.97 allowance against the price of it.

Can't say fairer than that.


We believe in Magick. Please note that our spellkits are a form of performance art. We guarantee to provide you with accurate genuine trustworthy methods which the ancients used and which they and many hundreds of thousands of initiates since hold will invoke the magical force of divinity to bring about changes in Reality but supernatural effects cannot be guaranteed. The existence of a supernatural force is denied by science - though they do themselves theorise the existence of The Ether (an unproveable supposition) to explain the propagation of magnetic and radio waves. They also employ anagogical postulations (magic by any other name) to harmonise theories of sub-atomic physics so the world of magic and the world of science are closer than many people might assume)


(with an introductory Money-Back offer!)

Download at the click of a mouse, read on your computer screen or print out whenever you like (for your personal use only).

What a boon these are to people in a jam. Wherever you live in the world, click on your chosen Spellkit/s below, then download the complete script and instructions right now! (takes less than a minute).

They can be read by any *.pdf / Adobe Acrobat reader Just click on them and they open up to read on the screen and print out on your printer. Then just work the spell!

Now you can see just how special Marabas's spells are and benefit from them as others have over the past 30 years. Makes what some other outfits offer look like chalk and cheese.


Beware of wasting your time with pretenders. We claim that Marabas was the FIRST to invent Spell-Kits during the early 1970s and the extract from New Society magazine (left) which uses the term 'spellkit' (in inverted commas) shows that at this time spellkits were unknown except from us.

Many have tried to copy Marabas's brilliance - but they can't. Why? Well, let's face it, most of these replicators couldn't conjure themselves out of a wet paper bag! Wait till you see the difference. The spells you may be offered could be no more than a half-page pee-wee spell copied from mass-market books on the subject whereas Marabas's spells are GENUINE, ORIGINAL, SECRET copyrighted and contain unique high-magick instructions which are only available direct from us. [Naive user's Hover Help]


These excellent spellkits are not available anywhere else. Marabas thinks of everything so you don't have to worry. He explains what to do simply in his inimitable style using easy-to-understand and apply language so you can just relax and do the thing secure in the knowledge that you can't get better. Get the genuine initiated secrets here. [Naive user's Hover Help]

You get the guarantee that each one of these exclusive spellkits has been correctly balanced and constructed to avoid negative fallout. A powerful reassurance if you are embarking on your first magical experiments.


If you already have some magical equipment (candlesticks, altar cloths, candles, incense burners etc) then you can save thru purchasing Marabas's Secret Scripts and Instructions separately - instead of buying our complete spellkit packages , but if you are a complete beginner we strongly advise you to go for the complete spellkit package at the special package deal price  (Click here for full details of Marabas's ready-to-go Sorcery SpellKits ) http://www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/spelkits.htm


Because of this we are making a rather special introductory offer. If you purchase the spellkit instructions and download them from the list below then subsequently want to take advantage of the special offer prices on complete spellkits we will allow you a full credit of 8.97 against the purchase price of a complete spellkit providing you order within 7 days of seeing the Cyberbook spellkit instructions. Order now from the list below and let this prized knowledge change your life as it has done many thousands of seekers before you over the past 30 years. We guarantee you will be delighted.

"This download service is absolutely priceless. Well done." Mr B.P. Droitwich, U.K.



 Cyberbook Price

Love's Desire: 

SPELLKIT FOR LOVE'S DESIRE: Our most famous and popular Spellkit. The full diagrammatic details and script of Marabas's powerful Love ritual. Lovers have been re-united even though over 3,000 miles apart with this Spellkit! It involves binding together two dolls of the people concerned. As long as the cords stay tied the people are inextricably drawn together. Sorcerer's Apprentice. Consumables are not included in this download.  Stockcode: P100.

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Spellkit for Gay Love:  
Click Here to Add Cyberbook Spellkit Instructions For the Spellkit for Gay Love P193P100GLE to Shopping Basket and download straightaway. Note. P193P100GLE is an A5 format pdf and can be downloaded and read or/and printed out on any computer and can be read easily on any type of Ebook reader
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Sell Property:

SPELLKIT TO SELL PROPERTY: A popular and effective spellkit designed particularly to sell Houses, Flats, Investment Properties, Caravans etc. but also appears effective in selling any sizeable possession. Marabas sold his house within a week of using this ritual and others have had similar success.  Full script, diagrams and chants included.  Stockcode: P193PX108E.

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SPELLKIT FOR HEALTH AND HEALING: This spellkit can be worked for yourself or for others whom you wish to help. Working this ritual not only brings healing psychic tides but gives you a much greater understanding of the occult view of the mechanics of disease and illness. Full and detailed instructions by Marabas; diagram, Ritual Script and talisman.  Develop experience of ritual through directing your healing energies to close friends and acquaintances who need it, or your own ailments of course. Sorcerer's Apprentice Stockcode: P193P101E.

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Astral Gold Drawing

THE ASTRAL GOLD WEALTH DRAWING SPELL This now famous and unique S.A. Spellkit has been tried by hundreds of people both here and abroad. Complete with very detailed step-by-step instructions by Marabas. Stockcode: P193P500E.

Click Here to Add Cyberbook Spellkit Instructions For Astral Gold Wealth Drawing Spellkit P193P500E to Shopping Basket and download straightaway.
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Right an Injustice

SPELLKIT TO RIGHT AN INJUSTICE ; Learn How To magically affect others who hinder you. Only out of place in the 'holier than thou good-guys' scheme of things when he's not being harassed! There may be an occasion when YOU need this binding ritual.  Complete instructions included Altar diagrams etc. Stockcode: P193P103E.

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Aid Study/Success in Exams:

SPELLKIT TO AID STUDY/SUCCESS IN EXAMS OR TESTS: Two-fold ritual to make studying easier and bring the help of the Gods during the exam itself. Genius comes from the Akashic records; all the facts and teachings that ever were are contained within the Akashic records. it is the sum total of mankinds endeavour; like a giant tape recorder of life. This spellkit aims to secure this information for you when it matters most. Includes; Marabas's prized instructions / diagrams / script of the rite. Stockcode: P193P104E.

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Win Favourible Court Decision/Lesson Sentence:
Instructions for this spellkit are not available for downloading at the moment but You can purchase the complete spellkit here

P193 P105

Not Priced

Pass a Driving Test:
Instructions for this spellkit are contained in a special CD recording narrated by Fra Marabas which includes a unique hypnotic induction and so cannot be made available in printed form. However you can purchase the complete spellkit here NEW: You can now download and listen to the CD which accompanies this spellkit by going here for more information.


Not Priced

Return of a Lost/Stolen Item:

SPELLKIT FOR THE RETURN OF A LOST OR STOLEN ITEM: Sometimes things become lost which are great sentimental value or are intrinsically valuable. At other times you might intuitively feel/know that someone has taken the item and will not return it. In such cases and others this S.A. Spellkit is unique, contains step-by-step instructions by Marabas designed for a beginner to use. Identifies whereabouts of lost item, tells whether stolen or lost and then follows on with ritual to return the item itself. Stockcode: P193P107E. 

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Pagan Handfasting:
Click Here to Add Cyberbook Spellkit Instructions For A Pagan Handfasting P193P111E to Shopping Basket and download straightaway.



Achieving Promotion/Getting a Job:

SPELLKIT FOR ACHIEVING PROMOTION/GETTING A JOB: Made famous by the National Press when they reviewed a kit some time ago. Use magic when writing your application and then use magic to win the interview. An occultist who doesn't use the advantages of magic when applying for a job is a fool. Don't you shine your shoes and wear your best whistle and flute to put over a good image? Then what is the difference in principle between this type of preparation and using magic?   Stockcode: P193P108E.

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Psychic Cleansing and Protection from Evil:

Because the multiple instructions for this powerful spell are narrated by Marabas and come in CD form it is recommended that you purchase the full spellkit ( see here.)
However, it is now possible to actually download the sound recording for Marabas lecture instructions for this spellkit (Techniques of Psychic Self Defence). More details here:

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Not Priced

Business Success:

SPELLKIT FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS; Structured for New enterprises wanting to get off to a good start and for Old businesses which are flagging. Aimed at providing you with the help of the Gods to give that 'Midas Touch' to your ideas and acumen. Including Special cassette tape containing secrets of pulling money-making ideas from the Astral. Kit includes ; Incense; Thurible; Candleholders; Touchstone oils; Candles Circle Cord; Salvers etc. Gives that competitive edge. There is ALWAYS a successful method of achieving growth or solving a problem and this spellkit is designed to bring you those answers. This Spellkit has brought businesses back from the brink of Bankruptcy and helped others on their way to their fortune. OR, if you fancy being in business for yourself and can't think where to start we recommend this spellkit above all. NO consumables or equipment included. This download is for the instructions, diagrams,ritual scripts and periapts. Stockcode: P193P102E.

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Seance Spellkit:
How To Hold A Successful Seance:
The Seance Handbook includes how to use Ouija Boards in seances to get the maximum from your Ouija. How to use 'Blind' Cameras, Wax Dropping,  Sand Boxes, White Noise, and a host of other methods to increase both response and activity during seances.  Coupled with powerful initiated insights on how to open up the Psychic Censor to allow through the spirit realms. Written in Marabas's usual no-nonsense style it explains the truth about seance activity and how to keep your seances controlled and ultra-safe. For group and solo use. A must-have for any genuine psychic seeker.
Click Here to Order and download your Cyberbook version now. Code P193P6109E

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Slimming Spellkit:
. Because of the nature of this spellkit instructios are not available for downloading separately but you can purchase the complete spellkit here.


Not Priced

Fith-Fath Banishing Spell:

FITH-FATH BANISHING SPELLKIT:  A Powerful Spell to get rid of Troublemakers and Enemies. Marabas’s unique Fith-Fath Banishing Spell can be a life-saver for anyone wanting to get a lodger to move out of the house or to dispense with an unwanted friend, relative or acquaintence who has overstayed their welcome. It has also been very effective in removing the ‘other woman’ and / or ‘other man’ in a love triangle in cases where spouses have strayed. The spell is also excellent to make a person stop calling to see you or affecting you and very potent at work in removing a boss, manager or supervisor who is causing you trouble. Once you have the instructions it’s a simple procedure to make a Fith-Fath Bottle for any number of people you want to control, separate or send away. Best of all, they are not harmed, do not suffer, and are completely unaware of what is happening so the spellkit can be used safely and confidently even by people who have never tried magic before. Exclusively obtainable only from the S.A. Go:

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Control and Command / Neighbour (Neighbor) Ridding:

SPELLKIT TO COMMAND AND CONTROL: Particularly useful in the all too familiar Neighbour Dispute but equally as workable and effective in any case of a clash of personalities or pressure from obstreperous family and other people who might attempt to inflict their will upon you.  There are three stages to allow YOU to choose the severity of the application and involves a Powerful Binding Ritual for any number of people which is worth the price of the spellkit alone. Full step by step instructions designed for beginners and early students. Ritual example is for neighbour disputes but simple changes allow this unique spellkit to be used to exert your will in any relationship where you wish to take command. Can be used over and over again for different targets. Stockcode: P193P109E.

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