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Truth Stranger Than Fiction


Amazing Knowledge of a Former Existence

Daily Express Correspondent, Paris, Monday 15th Dec, 1913.

The death is reported this evening of Mme. Laure Raynaud, who created some excitement in Paris a few years ago by her extraordinary knowledge of a former life. Mme Raynaud, who was forty five years old was a nurse in a private hospital in Pussy. A few years ago she told the doctor that she knew she had died at the age of nineteen many years before. She described the town and the house in whcih she had lived. It was a foreign town, although Mme. Raynaud had never been out of France.

Sienna Plaza

The doctor thought the town might be Siena in Italy, so he wrote to the mayor of that place and procured a collection of photographs. In one of them he recognised a house and a church exactly like those Mme. Raynaud described. She gave many details , among others that she died in 1840, and that her death was due to consumption.

Without telling her where she was going the doctor took her to Siena. The first day she arrived she walked straight to the house she had described, and from there to the church. There she went to the tombstone of a girl who died of consumption in 1840 at the age of nineteen; and fell on it in a fainting fit.

Mme. Raynauyd refused to make any money out of her peculiar gift and though she had a strange magnetism which enabled her to effect cures of certain nervous maladies, she always refused payment.

Share Images From The Past Enable You To Understand the Future

So few people know what the Initiates know....
To Make Sense of This Life
You Must Visit Your Past.

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Let Marabas's Magical Induction take you on a remarkable journey into Previous Incarntions

What's the point in wasting one's life re-learning experiences which we have already undergone in previous incarnations? Much better to gain memory of them using esoteric techniques which bring forth instant memories of past lives. In this way we can turbo-boost our magical development.


In the mystic world access to the wisdom of previous lives is termed Magical Memory and it is crucial in understanding our spiritual quest in this incarnation so we can make sense of life. Memories from the past can also illuminate and explain our behaviour, idiosyncracies, psychology, phobias and many other difficulties. Tradition holds that knowledge of the origins of these things in past lives can lead to successful rectification of problems in one's current life which may not respond to other methods.


Proof of the existence of Past Lives has never been greater than today. All over the world many people are becoming aware of having existed in other times and in other places. Some think of it as living in parallel worlds or other dimensions. When Phillip Schofield featured Reincarnation on his nationwide TV show the studio was inundated with calls from people who had evidence of living at different times and places. Another networked TV programme specialises in 'regressing' celebrities to discover their past lives - with astonishingly accurate results. Of course many people don't realise about their own past lives because they don't know how to access the memories. That's what this fantastic Induction is designed to do.


In modern regression psychology, non-initiated analysts have mis-read past-life experiences which some patients have spontaneously undergone under hypnosis and incorrectly concluded (because of their scientific atheistic world view which precludes the existence of the supernatural) that their patients' dramatic stories were related to experiences in this life! Thus developed the controversial million dollar industry of Multiple Personality Therapy which genuine occultists know could achieve little because they had the wrong end of the stick. Just think how much they COULD have helped their patients if they had listened to Marabas's teachings first?


For thousands of years many religions have taught the reality of multiple lives yet amazingly few people today bother to investigate what must be some of the most important personal questions of our time.
  • Who were we in previous lives?
  • Where did we live and with whom did we live?
  • Who was our Soul Mate and can we discover them again in this Reincarnation?
  • What happened to us in previous lives and how is that affecting us right now, in our current life? Could we, for instance, be having to pay-back in this life for some transgression in a past life?
  • Are we being held back unneccessarily in love and career when simple knowledge from a past life could release us?
  • and many more.........

spinning cd RELIVING PAST LIVES INDUCTION CD This amazing recording has been prepared exclusively for us by Frater Marabas.

  • On Track 1 he explains all about Magical Memory and how reincarnation works, including some brand new additions covering the Christos Experience and, probably for the first time anywhere, full instructions on making and using the amazing Witches' Cradle.
  • On track 2 Marabas's Induction takes you on a remarkable journey yet you are in complete control as you gain experience of past lives, little by little.

Simply sit or lie comfortably, press the 'on' button of your player, relax and listen. You are now ready to embark upon a multi-dimensional voyage of discovery. You don't need other people to be present to use this recording but if you have friends and group members they will surely want to be involved in these wonderful experiences and you can 'run' each other time and time again.

Past Life Journeying is a form of Astral Projection. You discover not only how you can travel into your past lives but how you can personally relive history and travel anywhere in the world you choose. Marabas says that all these things are not only possible, they are a NATURAL function of your Soul Self which you have not yet activated.

Gaining access to Magical Memory is an absolute MUST for any serious seeker within the occult - it can open many doors, magnify psychic skills and gifts and give direction to one's study of the occult.

Find out where you've been, what you've learned in previous lives and how those experiences made you what you are today. Seems unbelievable? Not after you've listened to this recording!

BONUS: RELIVING YOUR EARLIEST MOMENTS The exclusive Reliving Past Lives Induction CD is about learning from the past how to deal with the present and the future but it is also about locating your 'place' in the scheme of things and Marabas makes clear that this CD can also be used for recovering memories from childhood which appear to you to be beyond recall (Marabas explains how to do it clearly and succinctly). As such this amazing CD forms the basis of a remarkable self-analysis system. Finding answers to today's dissatisfaction by seeking reasons for it in the past, clearing complexes and obtaining sacred direction for the future. Past Life Journeying can be all this and more.

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