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All of it is documented in this Historic report. Read what other Occultists' Lives are like. Wiccans, Witches, Qabalists, Thelemites, Psychics, Druids, even Satanists; tell you What they think, How they live, What they Believe in, how they use Magic, what they have experienced and much, much more; in..

The Original

Occult Census©

" The First study to take the lid off a secretive community of occultists which has burgeoned since the 1960s" (The Guardian)


This is the original historic Occult-Census© but now in ebook form so you can download it and read the astonishing contents instantly, right now.   It reveals the GENUINE FACE of occultism, from the mouths of esotericists themselves. A review of the widest occult spectrum and a unique snapshot of genuine occultism. Featuring the Opinions, Desires, Motivations, Backgrounds, Careers, Educational Qualifications / Standards and Involvements of GENUINE Witches, Pagans, Qabbalists, Magicians, Chaoists, Astrologers, Shamans, Satanists and most other paths. Where they live, how they worship, what they believe, and more. A unique and historic document for our times which was constructed with the eager cooperation and participation of hundreds of committed Occultists from all over the U.K. At last the true pespective is out - and it is as we always knew it - Occult study makes people MORE responsible and Capable, not less. Never before has it been possible to lay hands on such a collection of FACTS which overturn the ignorance of history and DISPROVES OUTRIGHT the slanderous and viscious propaganda aimed at various sections of the occult by the Establishment in order to frighten people off taking up their own spiritual empowerment. THE OCCULT-CENSUS©  PROVIDES YOU WITH THE FACTS TO SUPPORT YOUR BELIEFS and proof that Occultism of all kinds WORKS! The OCCULT-CENSUS© predicted many things which have come to pass, and more which have yet to happen -as you will see when you read it.


  • Discover which young couples are most at risk from family prejudice.
  • Learn why only 4% of occultists are Satanists;
  • How a majority of esotericists have personally experienced past lives
  • How 80% have witnessed or undergone magical phenomena.
  • See how over 40% of people polled experienced more than 20 magical results from the spells and rites they cast.
  • Discover at what age most people begin occult study and how far some relatives have gone to stop them.
  • Learn why occultists are naturally and heavily involved in computers and the net.

Find out the average age of occultists, how they vote, what they read; what ecology stance they take and more . The Occult-Census© shows who works good magick, when and why. Plus; how many work black magic and what happened when they did. Plus - occult views on pets and animal rights, green issues, media excesses etc., All this and MUCH MORE on Sacrifice, Ceremonies, Healing, etc.


It should be on every genuine seekers' bookshelf.  It scopes and describes the type of person who becomes an esotericist, how they think and what lifestyles they live. -  YOU ARE NOT ALONE - these are your Brothers and Sisters and you will see that you have more in common than you might realise. Could that bond be an indication of a previous life? No longer need you feel out-of-step or isolated.

THE OCCULT-CENSUS©   GIVES THE OCCULT POPULATION IN THE U.K. BY COUNTIES & REGIONS.  Reviewed by The Guardian; The Independent; Time Magazine; The Daily Mail, Western Daily Press and a host of other newspapers / magazines / professionals THE OCCULT-CENSUS©  is proving HIGHLY influential.

  • "Your average witch is likely to be a high-achiever' (Today)
  • 'The Occult-Census© is a valid, timely, interesting and useful survey' (Hull Daily Mail)
  • 'The Occult-Census© found that 94% are using their powers to save the planet. '( Take a Break)

'Many thanks to all involved in compiling the Occult-Census©. The result have proven to be most interesting and have been good discussion material'. Please forward another copy. Mr.EW, Amersham.

'So very glad I ordered anOccult-Census©. Have studied it several times and found it excellent. Heartiest congratulations to everyone concerned, it is a magnificent achievement. I was so impressed.' Ms R M, London

These genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.


Picked on by Relatives because of your spiritual beliefs? Is your world view scorned by friends and colleagues? Grab more freedom for yourself to pursue your beliefs - send for YOUR copy of this amazing document now so you can refer to The Occult Census whenever you have the opportunity and confound their ignorance. There will only ever be one Occult Census . The project was conceived and organised by Frater Marabas at the S.A. Copies are only obtainable direct from us.


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DISCLAIMER: Along with five billion other souls on this planet we believe in Transmogrification (magic), and Transubstantiation (life in spirit). About 85% of the world's population believe in the world of spirit. Only 7% of the world's population are atheists (scientific materialists) but these few people have a disproportionate influence over the way we live because the government relies heavily on these Scientific Soothsayers of the State to provide justification for their decisions. This disclaimer is to comply with the prejudiced demands of this lobby and should be seen as such. When we infer on these webpages that something is successful for a particular purpose we mean that traditionally it has been held by sages to be successful for that purpose or/and that historically it is reputed to work in a novel, legendary or peculiar way to succeed with that purpose, or/and that people alive today have tried and recommended the item as being successful or helping to a lesser or greater degree for that purpose and therefore it may be worth trying. In most instances we will have tested, experienced and confirmed the effects ourselves but we freely admit that these items may not work in every instance or may work in lesser ways than the examples quoted. We offer them out for historic and curiosity value only as untested objects of pleasance. All use and application of these items and information should be seen as experimental. Magical effects cannot be proven nor guaranteed. We have personally used and sold items like these for over three decades and our experience is positive - however in order to make an informed choice you should be aware that science disagrees about the existence of magical forces and effects and insists that other mundane actors will be working to cause the success experienced if any. Intending purchasers should carefully read our full Duty of Care Statement of Intent on
REASONABLE RISK: Advice; Personal Consultations; Recommendations for Applications: Marabas has an unparalleled grasp of esoteric methods worldwide but he is not a god - he cannot indemnify customers from risk. Only you know your exact circumstances, your medical history, state of health and the progression of the problem so far. Only you can judge whether it is in your interests to apply magic in your life. If you ask us how a magician might resolve a problem then Marabas will tell you but in our eyes magic is a force used to modify the course of destiny and can cause peripheral changes which are not anticipated therefore all magical operations are by qualification inherently experimental. Our products are genuine, contain proper materials and most importantly are designed with adept knowledge of magical method. You cannot get a better chance of successfully experimenting with magic but be under no illusion - it is an experiment undertaken entirely at your own risk.   The S.A. offers raw materials and literature  for curiosity's sake only. Marabas's historical knowledge is given if asked. Under present law Marabas cannot 'prescribe' magical actions or cures; we suggest only what an adept might do in your place. To recapitulate:     We are not selling you the magic 'cure', though it may very well turn out that way. We are providing the opportunity to experiment with genuine magical methods to open up new doors in your life.   We can tell you how others have changed their lives and how you might choose to do it for yourself but you are responsible for your own experiments.   We cannot indemnify people from the repercussions of foolishness but we will sincerely do everything we can to ensure your genuine success and this will be the limit of our liability. Marabas's suggestions will always comply with U.K. law but if you are unsure whether a suggestion might breach local laws or regulations then you should consult your legal advisor before ordering. Clients must be cognizant that all Magic and ritual work is experimental and therefore undertaken by them at their own inception and at their own risk. We provide all reasonable warnings and protections for our clients but cannot be held responsible for applications of their own invention of which we are uninformed. We will readily offer our opinion on the advisability of proposed applications of our products without charge. We expect the typical customer to be reasonably fit and healthy. If you are significantly unwell, subject to allergies, are taking a course of treatment, are pregnant, a registered drug addict, have a history of chronic ailments or are undergoing psychiatric help then it is your responsibility to clear your intentions with your doctor and alert us before you embark upon a purchase. .

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