If you are a first-time customer, or a naive or inexperienced user then it is essential that you read the following declaration of intent before you make use of our services.


The Sorcerer's Apprentice® has for more than three decades supplied genuine esoteric items and literature to Experienced Occultists throughout the world and this is our target market making up the majority of transactions we undertake. In this context the term'Experienced Occultists' denotes persons who have a long-term practical interest covering the widest range of occult beliefs and practices - from people who have undertaken personal solo study using magical handbooks etc., through those who are members of an order, temple, coven or group from which they receive regular training, to accomplished adepts who run their own groups. Experienced Occultists are well versed in the literature, techniques, methodology, philosophy and terminology of esotericism. In the major part they are pro-active in instigating orders for items which are required in the course of their training and experiments (e.g. when experimenting with operations contained within an ancient magical textbook they will require the paraphernalia and the incenses demanded in that textbook and come to us for it. Similarly every practising witch will require esoteric incenses, oils and paraphernalia to complete their religious observances/worship and pro-actively come to us for them. Experienced Occultists require a website service which provides access to genuine and trusworthy paraphernalia and ingredients backed up by accurate and honest descriptions of the goods in a wrapper which makes on-line ordering convenient and quick.

We who run the Sorcerer's Apprentice® are occultists ourselves and of course sincerely believe in spirituality and its magical effects. After three decades supplying over seventy thousand clients worldwide we have plenty of anecdotal evidence to confirm our own personal experience that, in general, following occult precepts and methods produces more aware, more responsible, self-reliant souls who are more able to fulfill themselves and contribute positively to society. (see http://www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/testimon.htm ). However science maintains that this is all bunkum. To prove our contentions our founder financed the world's first Occult Census
( see http://www.sorcerers-apprentice.co.uk/census.htm )

The result of 30 years customer feedback and the findings of The Occult Census proves that involvement in occultism, in the vast majority of cases, is a benefit not a detriment to its devotees. However, as the secular scientific-materialist view gains a stranglehold over education, academe and government left-brain analytico-reductive dominance has resulted in a continuous attack on world views of right-brain spirito-creative types like us. To the extent that the prejudice against spiritual beliefs has become so ingrained that the government recently repealed and replaced the Fraudulent Mediums Act with Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations without obtaining any consultation from hundreds of thousands of occultists, spiritualists, fringe churches and new age healers whose future it would deletoriously affect!

The bureaucrats who drew up the new CPUTR laws were apparently so absolutely convinced of the complete redundancy of magico-religious beliefs that they simply rode rough-shod over the inalienable human rights of millions of decent people. These iniquitous laws will undoubtedly be modified as their inapplicablity becomes evident in a string of silly actions and counter- claims. Meanwhile the British government will be seen by the world as being as autocratic and intolerant to its citizens over their religious beliefs as communist China is to hers. (Did you know that you can be imprisoned if you try to import Christian Bibles into China?). Of course, in between time all businesses have to contend with these new laws which initially were a laudable attempt to protect consumers from being conned by fly-by-nights with such tricks as advertising miniature portraits of the Queen for £5.00 and then sending buyers a first class stamp! Unbelievably tricks of this kind fell without the old legislation and so the new legislation was made so all encompassing to catch these devious crooks that it has inadvertently 'criminalised' hundreds of thousands of genuine, decent and honest people.

The big mistake was to repeal the Fraudulent Mediums Act - for this clever and well-thought out bit of old British legislation was originally enacted in 1951 to replace the Witchcraft Act of 1735. It's premis is made clear in the title. It was an act to criminalise people who FRAUDULENTLY acted as mediums. That meant that the hundreds of thousands of psychics who are gifted and who genuinely believe in the continuation of spirit could continue to work to benefit and help others in the community who were stricken with grief whilst the crooks who just took people on could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Unfortunatey by trying to wrap-up the Fraudulent Mediums act within the new CPUTR regulations the prejudiced people in charge just naturally assumed that everyone who is involved in spiritual things are either nutters or crooks and have put the onus on ALL psychics to prove to the satisfaction of 'science' that the services they offer are real. This legislation has therefore become a modern day Inquisition by athiests against people who believe in the world of Spirit. What is even more disappointing is that in all likelihood the new legislation will actually increase the possibility of naive users being 'taken-in' because if everyone involved in the New Age, even the sincerest believers, are forced to declare that everything they offer is 'untrue and unproven' then sincere seekers will not be able to distinguish between the crooks and the genuine believers - the crooks will gladly admit to selling rubbish because that is what theirs is - and continue to con and dupe but within a legal system which makes it difficult if not impossible for customers to distinguish them.

Hence on this website you will now find many provisos and disclaimers to enable us to comply with these pernicious new laws and I hope Experienced Occultists will see them for what they are because the same legislation may have also created a ludicrious situation in respect of other religious beliefs and philosophies, such as, for example, making it illegal for spiritualist churches to accept goodwill donations from the grieving relatives of the dead who come to them for succour! It may even now be technically illegal for the orthodox churches (CofE, Catholic etc) to accept donations from parishoners to pay for a priest to act as an intermediary to their divinity because to science god is an untruth and the churches cannot prove he exists!

It will be interesting to see whether the government makes the mistake of bringing cases against homoeopaths because it is a fundamental of the philosophy of homoeopathy that remedies have no physical part of the original raw materials from which they were made. (in homoeopathy the remedy carries the 'intelligence' of the cure - the 'switch' which turns on the body's own healing mechanisms, but the medicines themselves are materially inert). So here is one situation where science could 'prove' instantly that homoeopathy is a 'con' and all homoeopathic doctors were acting illegally under the new regulations - yet homoeopathy does work wonders and many distinguished people rely on it for their health - including the Queen! Although not intended to oppress minority religious views that is exactly what this new legislation has done. Yet science itself which is being used to underpin this draconian censorship has a lot to answer for itself. Read Marabas's OEXP74HC Magick Versus Science to the real truth about the failings of materialist atheism.

The only sensible thing we can see in this short-sighted law is something that we, as a responsible outfit of 35 years standing, always did anyway, and that is taking care of naive users who may be unfamiliar with esoteric terminology and who might become confused in their purchasing.

Thus we clearly state that it is not our intention to suck-in, prey-upon, mislead or misdirect any naive / new or first-time customer but that we will continue to use enthusiastic language and empowered occult terminology to describe things as we see them. This reflects our own belief and our target market's own belief in the efficacy and possibilities of the Mysterious world. We do not seek to, nor do we need to, unduly influence, frighten, coerce or put psychological pressure on any naive / new or first-time customer. We cannot of course have prior awareness of the vulnerablity of every person who approaches us nor how the inclusion of statements meant for Experienced Occultists may accidentally synchronise with topical fears, anxieties or situations in the lives of naive/new or first-time customers. However we take care of this with our well-established free After Sales Service system which provides an open invitation for any naive/ new or first-time customer to email us on

to clarify, question, obtain additional information, advice or insight into any product they may feel is appropriate to them and we invite them to do so as frequently as is necessary to ensure that they understand all the options and can make an informed choice. Additionally if a new/naive or first-time customer is unsure of the ramifications or wants an independent insight then they can free-of-charge surf our Forum HERE which contains feedback from customers of all kinds who have benefited from taking the magical advantage. We do not push things onto people - people in the know queue up to buy rare things from us! It is not our intention to target naive/ new or first-time customers but neither do we feel it fair to them to exclude them from spiritual opportunities which may be beneficial if they want to experience them. Our 7 day cancellation policy enables any customer new or old to physically check out items and return them if they find they do not apply to their personal situation.

If occultism teaches anything it is this: There is no right or wrong way to live. It is the duty of every free-thinker to resist the dead hand of orthodoxy and exercise their right at every opportunity to choose their own path through life and learn by their own mistakes what is best suited to their uniqueness as long as it does not harm anyone else. "Do Thou True Will And It Harm None' (a very ancient Craft axiom)

DISCLAIMER: Items are offered for curiosity value only. Mystical or magical claims cannot be guaranteed. All possible care is taken to search-out discover and provide ancient magical substances and equipment in traditional form. The yard stick for authenticity is limited to our knowledge, specialist research and expertise. The highlighting of historical usage or case histories in advertising matter is for research and comparison purposes only. All magical experimentation involves the unknown and in the finality customers must decide for themselves what is and what is not applicable under their own circumstances in relation to their responsibilities to others and themselves. If they are unsure we will gladly offer our opinion.

Clients must be cognizant that all Magic and ritual work is experimental and therefore undertaken by them at their own inception and at their own risk. We provide all reasonable warnings and protections for our clients but cannot be held responsible for applications of their own invention of which we are uninformed. We will readily offer our opinion on the advisability of proposed applications of our products without charge

We expect our typical, average customer to be reasonably fit and healthy. If you are significantly unwell, subject to allergies, are taking a course of treatment, are pregnant, a registered drug addict, have a history of chronic ailments or are undergoing psychiatric help then it is your responsibility to clear your intentions with your doctor or/and explain them to us before you embark upon a purchase. .

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