Customers Thinking of Visiting Us
Must Read This first.
Right from the beginning the S.A. was open to browsing customers and we remained open for callers for two decades.  However  the world has changed and for over a decade we have been mail order only.   The reasons why are outlined below.   You can reach us by Letter, by Fax, by Email and by Telephone 24 hour per day.  You can see our range on the website.  You can make technical enquiries by phone, fax and email and you can even obtain a Personal Consultation with Marabas  but please do not call for we are not set up for it and have no wish to offend anyone by having to refuse them entry.

Marabas is one of the few True Initiates. Contrary to critical opinion he has never courted attention and he has never gone out of his way to find nor provoke publicity. In fact for decades he has declined to advertise his existence anywhere in the world. He can only be approached by mail or through this official website The massive interest in his teachings from tens of thousands of sincere people world-wide is a natural response to authenticity, not publicity. The downside of this genuine and welcome interest is the horde of media-scavengers, replicators, poseurs, intolleratti, cosmic foo-foos and others who clamour for his attention.

To stop such time-wasters interrupting the provision of his preparations, teachings and writings (so that he can concentrate more on sincere seekers) Marabas follows The Path of The Hermit (see card 9 of the Tarot Major Arcana) appearing to be unapproachable, whilst actually providing the swiftest pathways to the Ancient Wisdom through the S.A.s unique Mail Order Service. Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

"The title of this chapter [in my book]...The Sorcerer's Apprentice.... is also the registered business name and trademark of a man who stands at the epicentre of international occultism today and who is in many ways a linchpin in the exchange of information and views between witchcraft and other forms of occult pursuit. ....few can match his stock, his contacts, his power or his influence in the occult world. I wrote to Marabas as I began my research on this book to request an interview, but he declined to give me one...Since he declined an interview I will answer for him........"
John Parker, Author and journalist.

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