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The History of
The Original Occult Shop

The Burley Bar Stone and the S.A.'s Location

burley bar stone

As Alfred Watkins revealed in his seminal work The Old Straight Tracks, Leys were the ancient word for the first prehistoric tracks beaten into the countryside by our ancestors as they droved their cattle over Britain. Watkins maintained that these leys which usually followed line-of-sight from one topographical feature to another (i.e. the cleft or pass in one range of hills to another on the horizon) were actually lines of magnetic and cosmic force which our ancestors intuitively used to find their way around. Indeed most of the enigmatic stone circles our forefathers built were at intersections of this ley grid, Stonehenge being a classic example. This has given rise in the minds of modern occultists to the idea of a matrix of cosmic earth energy criss-crossing Britain (and ultimately the rest of the planet) which has influenced and affected the evolution of humankind since primordial times. Certainly all the old leys formed a network of paths many of which are almost abandoned but still used by walkers today and many other sections which have been developed over the years into full-blown roads.

The S.A. is situated in a confluence of these ancient Leys, Wood-Ley, Heading-ley (famous latterly for its association with Headingley Cricket and Rugby Club), and Bur-Ley. Although the locality of Burley is only a mile or so outside of the centre of Leeds, in Medieaval times the Hamlet of Burley existed there. The ancient track of Bur-Ley wound into Leeds at the Headrow where it terminated in the Burley Bar Stone, a lump of Yorkshire Stone which in Medieaval times marked the north western limit of the township of Leeds. (see photograph above) It was important to mark the boundaries of the town because those living within them were granted privileges, like paying lower tithes, free delivery of letters within the township and exemption from jury service at York Assizes. Butts Hill, which coursed south from the Burley Stone was so-called because it was near the place where the medieval townsmen practised their archery and there is still a cul de sac there named Butt's Court. The Burley Bar Stone has been removed from its original position and is now on display inside the 1920s building which was built upon the spot where the stone was located.


The now world-famous Sorcerer's Apprentice® Occult Shop was begun in Leeds, England in 1975 right where it still exists today. It has been one of the most influential dissemination points of The Ancient Wisdom in Europe in modern times.

A photograph of the original single-storey Dickensian style Old Curiosity Shop where it all first started is shown on the right. Within a few years the S.A. had moved into a red-brick three storey twin fronted Victorian building built in 1896 and we still operate from the same place today.

Still in the same Adepts' hands for more than three consecutive decades, the Sorcerer's Apprentice® [known to its regulars as 'the S.A.'] is a living museum of the Occult Arts, having espoused commercial greed in favour of continuing its traditional and exclusive crafts of Magical Oil blending, Making and Hand production of Occult paraphernalia.

The S.A. does not supply items to other 'new age headshops' which have since jumped on the bandwagon, but instead supplies its amazing products and private publications exclusively and directly to the individuals who will use them; YOU the client. In doing this the magical current inherent within our products is retained and our small-scale cottage-industry protects the genuine arts of  Magical Oil blending etc, so that YOU can purchase items direct from the artisans who actually create them; not from someone who simply buys and sells second rate New Age Fodder with an eye to profit and quick turnover. Such people have no understanding of the qualities inherent in magical concoctions (otherwise they wouldn't buy them in from someone else) and by qualification will have little if any genuine initiated expertise to advise or back-up the items they sell you if you have a particularly unique application.

In 1996 the S.A. was so successful that a personality cult began to spontaneously build up around Marabas - something that all initiates have to be very wary of. Being too long in the tooth for that, he made the decision to close the S.A. shop for browsing and has since continued to supply his loyal clients by mail-order and keep up personal contact with them using the internet, mail and telephone. Using this method he is able to reach and assist people all over the world with our genuine esoteric information and paraphernalia in the most sensitive way possible.

Frater Marabas has steered and directed the S.A. for the past three decades and has helped over sixty thousand souls to develop and succeed in magic during that time. There are plenty of New Age shops around today, many of whom have tried to pirate and replicate Marabas's ideas, but there has always been only one Sorcerer's Apprentice®. Today Marabas aids the Starchildren of parents who have used his services for three consecutive decades. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of the world;s most Genuine links with the Ancient Wisdom and the esoteric arts of European civilisations.

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